About us

The Children of Ethiopia Foundation is the inspiration of Paul and Lisa Banks and their children Josh, Jack and Ruby. This central Victorian family were inspired when they visited Ethiopia.

Paul Banks
Paul has spent his career in the advertising industry and has acquired skills perfect for the work he is now undertaking with the Children of Ethiopia Foundation. After visiting Ethiopia six years ago and witnessing the incredible hardships endured by most of the population, but particularly the children, Paul found that he wanted to “do something practical”. Through the Children of Ethiopia Foundation, he is now directing his energies into several small and medium scale projects that aim to assist Ethiopian children in grass-roots ways.

Lisa Banks
Lisa saw first-hand the incredibly difficult situations that are faced daily in not only orphanages, but in the streets of the cities, towns and villages around the country. Every day Ethiopian children struggle to survive, let alone reach their potential, and it is this fact that has moved Lisa to set up the Children of Ethiopia Foundation and provide practical, effective, and nurturing support.