Our Aim

Our aim is a simple one – to put smiles on the faces of Ethiopian children in need.

In a country with such entrenched poverty, ‘need’ can be defined in so many ways, so the Children of Ethiopia Foundation works to meet our aim in a variety of creative and practical ways.

Importantly, we also aim to make the most of every item we have at our disposal, limiting or curtailing any expenditure that is not directly linked to supporting a child or children in need. This means we concentrate our efforts where we perceive they are most needed and can achieve the most positive impact.

If a teddy bear helps an orphan sleep well at night, then we have achieved our aim. If a school bag and stationary helps a widowed mother afford schooling for her child, then we have achieved our aim. If laminated alphabet posters help one class learn to read, then we have achieved our aim. This is what we mean by ‘grass-roots’ support. We cannot rid the country of the wholesale effects of poverty, but we can begin to make a difference.